NACD Coach Note Feb 16, 2021

Hi Everyone, If you haven’t already seen the videos of Coco that his dad, Razvan, posted to our Facebook page (NACD Families on Active Membership), please take a look at it. Coco’s journey since we met him and his terrific parents has not been such an easy one. A huge amount of effort and sacrifice hasContinue reading “NACD Coach Note Feb 16, 2021”

Week of Jan 11-15, 2021

We are half way through January 2021 already?? Between playing hard and working hard, this time has both flown by. One of our favorite parts of the day is when we get to gather together for opening exercises where we talk about our lives, review events happening in the world/history, learn from the scriptures, pray,Continue reading “Week of Jan 11-15, 2021”

NACD Coach Note Jan 19, 2021

Hi Everyone, While talking to parents last week and hearing some of them remark that their child was really having trouble “getting” something, I was reminded of my own children. My youngest just could not remember the word “could” no matter how many times I flashed it. My son couldn’t remember how to spell “because”Continue reading “NACD Coach Note Jan 19, 2021”

NACD Coach Note: Jan 5, 2021

Hi Everyone, Let’s start off with a clear vision for 2021. There are key components to making progress with your child that include doing program activities correctly and consistently, communicating with your coach when you run into roadblocks which usually include behavior, sleep, diet issues and health issues, and communicating with your coach when youContinue reading “NACD Coach Note: Jan 5, 2021”