NACD Coach Note for Sept 28, 2020

Good Morning Families, I hope that you had a relaxing weekend. As we start our week together let’s keep in mind that we need to spend the week doing lots of input that has intensity. All of you are doing a lot of input of information, whether it is inputting how to breathe through your noseContinue reading “NACD Coach Note for Sept 28, 2020”

NACD Coach Note Sept. 21, 2020

Good Morning Families, It’s Monday and you may already feel overwhelmed with your day or your week. Try writing down what you realistically can get done today and put it in 15 minute blocks, not just program but other responsibilities as well. Be sure that you know how long something actually takes when you areContinue reading “NACD Coach Note Sept. 21, 2020”

NACD Note of the Week (Sep. 14th 2020)

**Every Monday, we get an email from our NACD Coach, Glenda Girazian, were she gives tips and counsel on how to best preform your child’s program and help resolve problems they are facing in their life.** Good Morning! Ready for a good week….Right?!  A few reminders for you: 1) INPUT – This means you are teachingContinue reading “NACD Note of the Week (Sep. 14th 2020)”

NACD Coach Note of the Week (August 3)

***Every week our NACD family gets an email from one of our coaches, Glenda Girazian, to give further instruction, advice, and support to parents who may be struggling in a certain aspect of their child’s development. This is the email of the week.** “Does it seem like you have a hurricane headed your way? YourContinue reading “NACD Coach Note of the Week (August 3)”