Hi Everyone,

So happy to be back in class and seeing everyone today. Below is the Monday message from Ellen Doman.

“I hope that you are well. I think that an excellent idea for this week is a good plan. You have lots to do and often you have a challenging schedule. Why not take 20 minutes tonight or tomorrow morning and come up with a better plan for this week? It can be a better plan to get more program done or a better plan to get a very specific part of the program done at a better time of day. It can be a better plan to get some materials together that you just haven’t had time to do yet. It can be a better plan to start a new program that you just haven’t seemed to implement yet. 
I don’t know about you but I love a good plan. Even if things don’t happen at the times I had hoped, a well-made plan frequently just gets more accomplished. Often with my plans, the first three quarters of the plan goes extremely well. I tend to lose momentum for the last quarter. Even with that, I get more done than I would have otherwise. 
So whether your plan includes getting something done that has nothing to do with program at all or it is all about program, you’ll probably have a better day with one in place. If it doesn’t work out, try it again on a different day. Children are notoriously good at messing up plans so be prepared to be patient. At the end of the day, give yourself a pat on the back for what you’ve accomplished. Whatever that was, I’ll bet it was more than most parents are doing.
We love working with you! Let us know how we can help.”

Take care,Ellen

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