NACD Coach Note 3/15/21

Hi Everyone,

Let’s think about learning this week. We want you to really understand what it takes for your child  or any of us to learn. As Bob has so often explained, we need the information to be presented many times, frequency. We need a level of attention from the child that is high enough to take the information in, intensity.  We also need to keep the timing short enough that we don’t lose the intensity. 

When it comes to learning, we also need a frame of reference so that the brain has a way to secure the incoming information. We need a hook. For reading, the hook may be a brief discussion about what the content may be about and what we know about that topic. For math it will be a visual frame of reference for what we are teaching. For mobility and fine motor tasks we will give tactile input to help the brain build a frame of reference for what we are about to input.

Let’s have a week full of learning! Need help? Let us know.

Take care,


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