Week of Nov 2-6, 2020

We got to celebrate one of our other favorites….MACEY!! Macey girl turned 28 this year and we couldn’t be more happy to have another year of her hugs, smiles, dance moves, and silly sense of humor. For her birthday all the students drank smoothies and showered her with love. Here are just a few reasons we all love Macey….

  • Chantel loves that Macey is so artistic and good at coloring.
  • Melissa loves that Macey has such a sweet spirit and is always making her and others happy.
  • Jessie loves Macey’s smiles, hugs, and fun Facebook posts.
  • JJ loves Macey because she has a cute dog and takes such good care of him.
  • Courtnee loves Macey’s sense of humor.
  • Bobbi Roberts loves that Macey always likes to have fun.
  • Lauren loves Macey because she gives the best hugs, is a good friend to everyone, is very kind, and so funny.
  • Stephenee loves Macey because she is always so excited to come to school and learn and she is very silly.
  • Bobbie loves Macey because she is always so thoughtful, has an amazing smile, gives good hugs, is very smart, and has the best dance moves.

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