Since the opening of COHA, we have relied heavily on the support of our community members in helping our school run smoothly and give our students the best quality of education possible.

Our students are excited and value the time, effort, and life lessons that they learn from their volunteers throughout the school year. Meeting new people and being able to show off their skills to someone new adds great light and confidence to their lives and to the atmosphere of the school. Our students grow from insights, positive attitudes, and special skills shared with them.

At COHA, we believe there is a place for everyone and that everyone has something unique and valuable to offer. Below is a list of ways you could be of service at the school.

Types of Volunteers Needed:

  • Tutor: working one on one with your assigned student with their individualized program. You will work one or more days a week for a period of 2-3 hours.
  • Teach a cooking class: we have a cooking class every Friday from 11:30-12:00, where you will demonstrate a simple and healthy snack/meal our students can make at home.
  • Spanish Teacher: Monday thru Thursday from 11:40-12:30 students learn Spanish. Volunteers who know the language are needed to teach the class and/or assist the students.
  • Physical Education Class: teach a class that can be modified for individuals with physical limitations.
  • Special Skills Class: our students have many hopes and dreams of things they wish to learn and accomplish. If you have a special skill you would love to teach, our students love to try new things!
  • Yard Work and Building Maintenance: our building is always in need of love and maintenance. Work could include weed picking, pruning, picking up leaves, organizing, sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc.
  • Eagle Scout Projects: our building is what it is today because of the projects which have been done. If you have interest in doing a project for our school, contact us for a list of projects needed.
  • If you have something else not listed above, please include a description of the volunteer work in the form below.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form below.

**After filling out the form, you will be notified by COHA staff to schedule a date and time for you to come and volunteer.

Children of Hope Academy is a charitable non-profit corporation