NACD Coach Note Feb 16, 2021

Hi Everyone,

If you haven’t already seen the videos of Coco that his dad, Razvan, posted to our Facebook page (NACD Families on Active Membership), please take a look at it. Coco’s journey since we met him and his terrific parents has not been such an easy one. A huge amount of effort and sacrifice has gone into getting his program done and doing it the best way possible. Coco has responded by working incredibly hard and consistently being a super good sport and hard-worker. Through diligence and perseverance, Coco has achieved an incredibly high processing level and has the humor and the cleverness that you would expect for a child at that level. I feel very fortunate to know them.
When I think over all the wonderful and incredible moments that I have had with families, with specific children I remember the joy but I also remember the effort and the diligence it took to get there. Children and young adults are marvelous people capable of incredible change. The changes that I have had the good fortune to share have not been produced by any supplement, magic pill or that one amazing thing that fixes everything. The changes have been the result of doing the right things at the right times based on understanding what is really going on with that specific child. 
After over five decades of doing this work I can sincerely say that I have absolute faith in the potential of each child and young adult and I have faith in what a parent can do with the right help. 

Let’s make this a great week together.

Take care,


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