NACD Coach Note 3/15/21

Hi Everyone,

Let’s think about learning this week. We want you to really understand what it takes for your child  or any of us to learn. As Bob has so often explained, we need the information to be presented many times, frequency. We need a level of attention from the child that is high enough to take the information in, intensity.  We also need to keep the timing short enough that we don’t lose the intensity. 

When it comes to learning, we also need a frame of reference so that the brain has a way to secure the incoming information. We need a hook. For reading, the hook may be a brief discussion about what the content may be about and what we know about that topic. For math it will be a visual frame of reference for what we are teaching. For mobility and fine motor tasks we will give tactile input to help the brain build a frame of reference for what we are about to input.

Let’s have a week full of learning! Need help? Let us know.

Take care,



Spring Fundraisers

See’s Candy Lollipops

Are you in need of Easter basket stuffers? We’ve got you covered! Until March 31, we will be selling See’s candy lollipops for $2 each. The flavors for sale are vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, cinnamon, strawberry cream, and orange cream. If you are interested in purchasing or selling, please email us at nacdcoha@gmail.com

IronMan Volunteers

COHA loves giving back and serving in our community! Each year our students and their families volunteer at the IronMan and we are in need of helpers to run our station this year on May 1st! Below is a link where you can sign up to volunteer for our station, Bike Sector 2.



NACD Coach Note Feb 22, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I hope that your weekend was good for you. I am going to ask you to really “dig in” to your program this week and focus on producing positive change. This is not a “go through the motions” or a check the boxes sort of week. This is a “produce positive change” week. So let’s get focused  and help our kids really  make some changes this week. How? Increase YOUR focus on the activities. Increase YOUR observational skills as to how what you  are doing and how your child is responding is either working well or not working. Are you paying attention, praising effort, really focused on improvement?

Let’s do a great job this week!

Take care,



Week of Feb 8-12, 2021

The week of a holiday always brings a special energy to the school that we love, and this week was no exception! In preparation for Valentine’s Day, the students made cards for their family and friends to share just how much they love and appreciated them in their lives. The girls made a flower out of hearts and the boys made the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with hearts; they all turned out so cute! When we asked the girls what they loved about Valentine’s day these were their answers:

  • JJ loves VD because of the annual family dinner they have to celebrate the love they have for one another.
  • Chantel loves VD because of the cards and flowers.
  • Jill loves VD because she can give gifts to her family and friends to show how much she loves them.
  • Melissa loves VD because she gets to spend time with her family and friends.
  • Jessie loves VD because she loves to see everyone happy and caring for one another.

On Friday, (due to good weather) we had our Valentine’s Day party outside! We started out by decorating bags to put all of our goodies in. The students used hearts, markers, and their amazing creativity to make them. After finishing, they gave each other their gifts. The students were so thoughtful in their presents and cards they gave to one another. If there is one thing that is always in abundance at COHA, it’s love! Once we finished giving out our treats, the real party begun! The students did a heart scavenger hunt where they had to find 7 hearts with their names on them that were hidden throughout the yard. Some students were speedy quick and then turned around and helped others find theirs. Next, they did a Cupid’s arrow toss where they were given 4 arrows that they had to throw on targets with different points. The highest score was by Sam who got 24 points! I think it’s safe to say that Cupid better watch his back because the students at COHA might just put him out of business with their accurate aim! Lastly, the students did a fun memory matching game, Valentine’s addition. To top it all off, the students had a red and pink themed snack; raspberries, pomegranates, and bananas with homemade whipped cream. Jessie, Melissa, and Jill preformed the song “A Thousand Years” in American Sign Language that they have been practicing for weeks. Good job girls!! Overall, the day could not have been more fun or perfect. We are so grateful for all of our students, the amazing tutors, and our phenomenal board members who made it all possible!

This week our students have been talking about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it blesses our lives and the lives of their loved ones. We heard beautiful testimonies from our students about how God has helped them overcome their fears, temptations, and find peace, joy, and love in their lives. We are so grateful for all the ways we have grown, and continue to grow because of the love we receive from our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Until next time, have an amazing week!


NACD Coach Note Feb 16, 2021

Hi Everyone,

If you haven’t already seen the videos of Coco that his dad, Razvan, posted to our Facebook page (NACD Families on Active Membership), please take a look at it. Coco’s journey since we met him and his terrific parents has not been such an easy one. A huge amount of effort and sacrifice has gone into getting his program done and doing it the best way possible. Coco has responded by working incredibly hard and consistently being a super good sport and hard-worker. Through diligence and perseverance, Coco has achieved an incredibly high processing level and has the humor and the cleverness that you would expect for a child at that level. I feel very fortunate to know them.
When I think over all the wonderful and incredible moments that I have had with families, with specific children I remember the joy but I also remember the effort and the diligence it took to get there. Children and young adults are marvelous people capable of incredible change. The changes that I have had the good fortune to share have not been produced by any supplement, magic pill or that one amazing thing that fixes everything. The changes have been the result of doing the right things at the right times based on understanding what is really going on with that specific child. 
After over five decades of doing this work I can sincerely say that I have absolute faith in the potential of each child and young adult and I have faith in what a parent can do with the right help. 

Let’s make this a great week together.

Take care,



Week of Jan 11-15, 2021

We are half way through January 2021 already?? Between playing hard and working hard, this time has both flown by.

One of our favorite parts of the day is when we get to gather together for opening exercises where we talk about our lives, review events happening in the world/history, learn from the scriptures, pray, and practice social skills. We start each day with a “question of the day” and this week we had some fun ones! One of the questions was, “If you could change your name, what would your new name be?” They answered:

  • Melissa would be Alice
  • Macey would be Gaston
  • Jill would be Anna
  • JJ would be Mulan
  • Austin would be Mickey Mouse
  • Brady would be Simba
  • Sam would be Peyton Pace (one of our wonderful volunteers who makes everyone smile and laugh)

Our students constantly keep us laughing and smiling with their fun and creative answers.

Another theme of our opening exercises discussion this week has been talking about goals; their purpose, how to keep them, how to identify a good goal to work on, and who can help us stay accountable. Our students are no strangers to goals as they have specific physical, mental, and intellectual goals in their personalized NACD programs that they do daily to further their development. We had our students write down goals that we put on the bulletin board upstairs and downstairs that help us remember what we are working towards and help us keep each other accountable. Our students goals are:

  • Jill wants to ride her bike more, get to bed on time, be nicer to her dog Reggie, and walk more.
  • J.J. wants to work on organizing and cleaning out her closet and room.
  • Jessie wants to lose weight, quit drinking soda, get 10s on her digits, and walk 2 miles every day.
  • Melissa wants to lose weight, go to the temple more, eat less ice cream, and eat healthier.
  • Chantel wants to work hard at her job (She is one of our wonderful employees who helps clean and care for the school), exercise more, and do more crafts, activities, and projects.
  • Brady wants to get 6’s on his digits, read more, eat healthier, and protect and love his family.
  • Macey wants to eat healthier, drink more water, be kind to other people, take Archie (her dog) on walks, and not complain.
  • Sam wants to read scriptures more, pray more frequently, get married in the temple, make new friends, and work towards graduating from COHA.
Our downstairs bulletin (their goals are written on the paint splatters)

All our students have been doing excellent and have been so excited as they have been keeping their goals! The students would like to extend that challenge to you to make goals for the New Year so that you too can become 1% better every day and experience the joy that comes with progressing.

Another great week in the books and we are excited for the many more to come! Exciting things happening in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned….


NACD Coach Note Jan 19, 2021

Hi Everyone,

While talking to parents last week and hearing some of them remark that their child was really having trouble “getting” something, I was reminded of my own children. My youngest just could not remember the word “could” no matter how many times I flashed it. My son couldn’t remember how to spell “because” no matter how many times he copied it. My one student couldn’t understand improper fractions after months of teaching fractions.

They did all conquer these issues by the way. We read a high interest book with the word “could” all over the place and she learned it immediately. My son learned to spell “because” the moment a reward was offered and my student who just didn’t get improper fractions finally processed high enough and I finally got an example clear enough that he totally got it. 
Whether you are teaching crawling or fractions, there are strategies and prerequisites that have to be learned. Some children don’t have the foundational pieces developed well enough to do the task. Some children don’t have the intensity to do the task. Whatever the issue is, you can rest assured we have dealt with it before now. 
You can trust our experience. So before you conclude that your child is just never going to be able to do a task, contact your coach and your evaluator will find a way. 

Let’s have a fantastic week working together.

Take care,

**I haven’t heard from some of you since before the holidays.  Please call or email me an update.  Your evaluator and I want to make sure you are back up and running 🙂 Have a great week!

Glenda Girazian


Fundraising Update

We are so grateful for everyone who purchased and sold the Hybrid Flashlights as one of our fall fundraisers. We raised $4,397.50 for the school!!

We are also grateful for all those that purchased the Dixie Direct books from our school. We were able to raise $12950.00.

This money will go a long way in providing a safe, productive, and fun space for our students to pursue their passions and further their education. We couldn’t do it without amazing people in our community that are dedicated to making a difference!

So on behalf of everyone at COHA, THANK YOU!!!


NACD Coach Note: Jan 5, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Let’s start off with a clear vision for 2021. There are key components to making progress with your child that include doing program activities correctly and consistently, communicating with your coach when you run into roadblocks which usually include behavior, sleep, diet issues and health issues, and communicating with your coach when you see change and when you don’t.
With so many things going on in our lives, it is incredibly easy for you to get distracted. Be goal-oriented or as I like to say, outcome-based. We are. If we stay focused and communicate well, this can really be your best year, your child’s best year, our best year working together. I’m really looking forward to it.

Take care,


NACD Coach Note Dec 7, 2020

Good Morning Families,

So on Sunday night we often make our list for the week.  We have edited the list twice in order to make it realistic and less stressful. When it comes to program, a lot of you end up whittling down your list as the day goes on to reduce your stress and make your goals more realistic. Just keep in mind that if you do this too often, you can really slow down or even stop progress by cutting out or reducing activities that were essential to the whole. Although programs can appear to be fragmented, they actually are not. 

Here are a few examples of things some of you might have on your program; We didn’t get to do the more complicated chores but we did all of the sequencing activities. What’s the problem with this? The complex chores were a mechanism to force the child to use more working memory functionally. We did the auditory sequencing and some of the assigned reading but we just never found time for the books on audio. What’s the problem with this? The books on audio  promote a love of reading and a desire to read better as well as supporting auditory processing and attention. We did the crawling but not the deep pressure. What’s the problem with this? The deep pressure provides essential tactile information on where the muscle groups are located so that the brain is able to move the limbs more efficiently.

We all have days in which we don’t get everything done. It’s inevitable. Just be sure that what you’ve not been doing wasn’t essential for the progress of what you are doing.

Have a wonderful week!

Glenda Girazian


NACD Coach Note Week of Dec 1, 2020

Good Morning Families,

Although this year our Thanksgiving Day may have been a bit different, we still remember all of the things for which we are thankful. I am most thankful for my children and grandchildren, of course, but I am also thankful for the opportunity to get to know your precious children and to know you as well.  It is our plan at NACD to make sure  we are doing all we can to provide you with the most efficient and effective program possible. We have spent decades figuring how to do this well and continue to constantly search for even more effective strategies. 

Did you know that your child’s program is the result of a huge amount of collaboration among professionals? The depth of NACD’s expertise is enhanced by collaborations with many brilliant experts over many years. Our knowledge about vision, hearing, health, mobility and language development have been immeasurably enhanced by the input of leaders in those fields over the past decades. It is our ongoing effort to find what works the best in a huge variety of circumstances. When it comes to your child, there is no one protocol that is right. This is why we constantly study and explore what works and what doesn’t and under what circumstances a strategy will work. 

So when a therapist tells you that they have worked with many children like your child, I will tell you two things: there is no child exactly like your child AND our experience and expertise has more depth than that therapist. We believe in the uniqueness of your child which is why we constantly look at the whole child. We believe in the potential of your child because we have seen countless children far, far exceed expectations of other professionals. 
Together we can and will make positive changes happen. Have a question or concern? We’re right here.

Have a great week!



NACD Coach Note for Nov 16, 2020

Good Morning Families,

Do you have neighbors who have put up their Christmas trees already?   Maybe you have put up your own.  It’s a clear reminder that the holidays are not far away. In the coming weeks, I’ll give some suggestions for how to handle program with the challenge of the holidays and still have a good time. 

I have two suggestions for you this week. The first suggestion is that you increase your knowledge of why you are doing what you are doing by going to our website at www.nacd.org and reading some journal articles on topics that relate to your child.  Your other option is to watch some of Bob’s videos on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/NACDDOTORG or by  searching for “Bob Doman” videos. They aren’t long but they are packed with information. 

My second suggestion is to review your child’s program again including the instructions and notes. You might be amazed by what you forgot was on the program or how the activity is meant to be done.

Both of these things will help you do better this week and during the upcoming holidays. Let’s have a wonderful week together!

Glenda Girazian


NACD Coach Note Nov 9, 2020

Good Morning Families,

Congratulations parents! You are the best teacher your child will ever have and you are not teaching virtually! Just yesterday I heard another parent lament that they really couldn’t be both a parent and a teacher to their child. It always seems like such an odd remark to me. Parenting requires fairly incessant teaching on many levels, often simultaneously! It is actually hard Not to teach your child constantly as a parent. You teach your children how to eat with a fork, play with toys appropriately, climb stairs, put on socks, brush their teeth, settle down and go to sleep(hopefully), talk, use manners, cross a street and much, much more. 

So you do teach, all the time. You teach without reflecting on it. So maybe you don’t think of yourself as a teacher because no one is paying you for this constant teaching. Maybe you don’t consider yourself a teacher because you are really overwhelmed by the thought of having to teach everything. I have to say that after so very many decades of parenting and teaching parents to teach, there is a tremendous joy to it particularly when you love that person you are teaching. 
Yesterday I went on a hike through the woods with my son and two of my grandchildren. He was teaching them about deciduous trees since we were hiking through leaf-covered trails. They were quite proud of themselves when they could explain what a deciduous tree was. He was quite pleased that they had learned it and I was very nostalgic for the days when I taught that to him and his sisters. They say that knowledge is power and I am sure that this is true. Teaching is a joy when you know exactly how to do it,  particularly when you are teaching your own. We will help you every step of the way.

Don’t be afraid to be a teacher. You’ve been a teacher since your child was born!Keep up the good work!

Glenda Girazian


School Pictures

This is one of the days that our student’s look forward to every year…school pictures! They love getting dressed up and showing their million dollar smiles and sense of style! We are so grateful to have Rochelle Slade, a Southern Utah Photographer, come and donate her time and talents to make treasured memories for the students, parents, and all of us at COHA.

And of course we had to get a little silly!

We are so blessed to have these bright smiles and loving personalities a part of our lives every day! Until next year school pictures….


Week of Oct 26-30, 2020

Another exciting and fun week at COHA, but do we expect anything less with all these awesome people?!

This week Austin was able to listen to the last presidential debate and got registered to vote! He filled out his ballot and is ready to mail it in. We are so proud of Austin and all the amazing ways he surprises us every week!

We also got to celebrate our first birthday of the year; SAMO! Sam turned 32 years old and could not be more excited! On every birthday, our students sign a card for him and everyone writes down what they love about the birthday boy. These are all the reasons we LOVE Sam:

  • Brady loves that Sam is so nice!
  • Mitzy loves Sam’s personality and how it shines so bright.
  • Rilla loves that Sam always makes her smile and how he is always so fun to be around.
  • Austin loves that Sam is always so funny and makes him laugh.
  • Steph loves that Sam is always happy to be at school and ready to learn new things.
  • Bobbie loves that Sam is so joyful and kind to other people, and how he is so smart and fun, and that he makes her smile.

There are a million and one reasons to love Sam and we are so grateful he was born! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!

Lastly, spooky season hit hard during our annual Halloween Party! We had such a good time celebrating with all of our students! This year we made our party outside and combined with the boys and the girls, so it was extra fun to see everyone together! Those who chose to dress up looked super spooky! We had Jessie dressed up as Mulan from the new Disney live-action movie! Brady was a super spooky Werewolf! We also had JJ dressed as the Ninja Turtle, Donatello! Jennica wore a shirt that said “Laziest Costume Ever” and a cute Halloween hat and sunglasses!

Our first game of the party was “Trick or Treat,” each student brought a non-sugar treat to give out to each other. We made it into a social distancing game where the trick or treater had to stand back and catch the treat in their bag as it was tossed to them! They all had great healthy treats to give out such as Halloween pencils, Halloween stickers, apple sauce, water, popcorn, and Cheez-its! Then we played Halloween bowling with a pumpkin, and Pin the Face on the Pumpkin while we listened to spooky Halloween music! Our last game of the party was called Pass the Pumpkin. The students stood in a circle and passed around a pumpkin, whoever had the pumpkin when the music stopped playing was out! We had a tie between Brady and Chantel! After our games we all ate our Cutie Pumpkin treats and a fruit bowl provided by one of our sweet tutors! It was a great Halloween party and we are so blessed to have such amazing and fun students!!

As sad as we are for the end of Halloween, we are equally excited for Thanksgiving to come around!


School to Resume Sept. 14

With great excitement, we would like to announce that the Children of Hope Academy will be open for the fall semester starting September 14, 2020. NACD evaluations will be held the week before on September 8-10. Every student is evaluated by the National Association for Child Development every 6 months and then given a unique individualized program to help them in becoming proficient in the areas of development in which they struggle. Due to the recent rise in Covid-19 cases and for the protection of our students, evaluations will be done at the COHA facility. Please check your emails for your scheduled time and further instructions.

Our summer school and zoom calls will end August 27th to give time for our yearly deep cleaning and other preparations for the upcoming school year. Parents and students will be required to sign up to help with the cleaning.

To learn more about the National Association for Child Development and their mission, visit nacd.org

If you have questions about the beginning of school, please contact the school by email (nacdcoha@gmail.com) or call at (435)-272-4575.

Hi Everyone,

So happy to be back in class and seeing everyone today. Below is the Monday message from Ellen Doman.

“I hope that you are well. I think that an excellent idea for this week is a good plan. You have lots to do and often you have a challenging schedule. Why not take 20 minutes tonight or tomorrow morning and come up with a better plan for this week? It can be a better plan to get more program done or a better plan to get a very specific part of the program done at a better time of day. It can be a better plan to get some materials together that you just haven’t had time to do yet. It can be a better plan to start a new program that you just haven’t seemed to implement yet. 
I don’t know about you but I love a good plan. Even if things don’t happen at the times I had hoped, a well-made plan frequently just gets more accomplished. Often with my plans, the first three quarters of the plan goes extremely well. I tend to lose momentum for the last quarter. Even with that, I get more done than I would have otherwise. 
So whether your plan includes getting something done that has nothing to do with program at all or it is all about program, you’ll probably have a better day with one in place. If it doesn’t work out, try it again on a different day. Children are notoriously good at messing up plans so be prepared to be patient. At the end of the day, give yourself a pat on the back for what you’ve accomplished. Whatever that was, I’ll bet it was more than most parents are doing.
We love working with you! Let us know how we can help.”

Take care,Ellen

Time for School to start!

COHA will be opening on September 13th

We are so excited to announce COHA information for Fall semester 2021. 

Some of the structure is still being created. However, we would like you to know what we are planning.

The session will be 9:30 am-12:30 pm.


NACD evaluations September 7-10th

9-11 Day of Service will be clean-up day

COHA open September 13th

Oct 14-15 fall break

Nov 24-26- Thanksgiving break

Dec 22- Jan 10 Christmas break

Week of Nov 2-6, 2020

We got to celebrate one of our other favorites….MACEY!! Macey girl turned 28 this year and we couldn’t be more happy to have another year of her hugs, smiles, dance moves, and silly sense of humor. For her birthday all the students drank smoothies and showered her with love. Here are just a few reasons we all love Macey….

  • Chantel loves that Macey is so artistic and good at coloring.
  • Melissa loves that Macey has such a sweet spirit and is always making her and others happy.
  • Jessie loves Macey’s smiles, hugs, and fun Facebook posts.
  • JJ loves Macey because she has a cute dog and takes such good care of him.
  • Courtnee loves Macey’s sense of humor.
  • Bobbi Roberts loves that Macey always likes to have fun.
  • Lauren loves Macey because she gives the best hugs, is a good friend to everyone, is very kind, and so funny.
  • Stephenee loves Macey because she is always so excited to come to school and learn and she is very silly.
  • Bobbie loves Macey because she is always so thoughtful, has an amazing smile, gives good hugs, is very smart, and has the best dance moves.