School to Resume Sept. 14

With great excitement, we would like to announce that the Children of Hope Academy will be open for the fall semester starting September 14, 2020. NACD evaluations will be held the week before on September 8-10. Every student is evaluated by the National Association for Child Development every 6 months and then given a unique individualized program to help them in becoming proficient in the areas of development in which they struggle. Due to the recent rise in Covid-19 cases and for the protection of our students, evaluations will be done at the COHA facility. Please check your emails for your scheduled time and further instructions.

Our summer school and zoom calls will end August 27th to give time for our yearly deep cleaning and other preparations for the upcoming school year. Parents and students will be required to sign up to help with the cleaning.

To learn more about the National Association for Child Development and their mission, visit

If you have questions about the beginning of school, please contact the school by email ( or call at (435)-272-4575.

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