Week of Jan 11-15, 2021

We are half way through January 2021 already?? Between playing hard and working hard, this time has both flown by.

One of our favorite parts of the day is when we get to gather together for opening exercises where we talk about our lives, review events happening in the world/history, learn from the scriptures, pray, and practice social skills. We start each day with a “question of the day” and this week we had some fun ones! One of the questions was, “If you could change your name, what would your new name be?” They answered:

  • Melissa would be Alice
  • Macey would be Gaston
  • Jill would be Anna
  • JJ would be Mulan
  • Austin would be Mickey Mouse
  • Brady would be Simba
  • Sam would be Peyton Pace (one of our wonderful volunteers who makes everyone smile and laugh)

Our students constantly keep us laughing and smiling with their fun and creative answers.

Another theme of our opening exercises discussion this week has been talking about goals; their purpose, how to keep them, how to identify a good goal to work on, and who can help us stay accountable. Our students are no strangers to goals as they have specific physical, mental, and intellectual goals in their personalized NACD programs that they do daily to further their development. We had our students write down goals that we put on the bulletin board upstairs and downstairs that help us remember what we are working towards and help us keep each other accountable. Our students goals are:

  • Jill wants to ride her bike more, get to bed on time, be nicer to her dog Reggie, and walk more.
  • J.J. wants to work on organizing and cleaning out her closet and room.
  • Jessie wants to lose weight, quit drinking soda, get 10s on her digits, and walk 2 miles every day.
  • Melissa wants to lose weight, go to the temple more, eat less ice cream, and eat healthier.
  • Chantel wants to work hard at her job (She is one of our wonderful employees who helps clean and care for the school), exercise more, and do more crafts, activities, and projects.
  • Brady wants to get 6’s on his digits, read more, eat healthier, and protect and love his family.
  • Macey wants to eat healthier, drink more water, be kind to other people, take Archie (her dog) on walks, and not complain.
  • Sam wants to read scriptures more, pray more frequently, get married in the temple, make new friends, and work towards graduating from COHA.
Our downstairs bulletin (their goals are written on the paint splatters)

All our students have been doing excellent and have been so excited as they have been keeping their goals! The students would like to extend that challenge to you to make goals for the New Year so that you too can become 1% better every day and experience the joy that comes with progressing.

Another great week in the books and we are excited for the many more to come! Exciting things happening in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned….

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