NACD Coach Note Jan 19, 2021

Hi Everyone,

While talking to parents last week and hearing some of them remark that their child was really having trouble “getting” something, I was reminded of my own children. My youngest just could not remember the word “could” no matter how many times I flashed it. My son couldn’t remember how to spell “because” no matter how many times he copied it. My one student couldn’t understand improper fractions after months of teaching fractions.

They did all conquer these issues by the way. We read a high interest book with the word “could” all over the place and she learned it immediately. My son learned to spell “because” the moment a reward was offered and my student who just didn’t get improper fractions finally processed high enough and I finally got an example clear enough that he totally got it. 
Whether you are teaching crawling or fractions, there are strategies and prerequisites that have to be learned. Some children don’t have the foundational pieces developed well enough to do the task. Some children don’t have the intensity to do the task. Whatever the issue is, you can rest assured we have dealt with it before now. 
You can trust our experience. So before you conclude that your child is just never going to be able to do a task, contact your coach and your evaluator will find a way. 

Let’s have a fantastic week working together.

Take care,

**I haven’t heard from some of you since before the holidays.  Please call or email me an update.  Your evaluator and I want to make sure you are back up and running 🙂 Have a great week!

Glenda Girazian

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