NACD Note of the Week (Sep. 14th 2020)

**Every Monday, we get an email from our NACD Coach, Glenda Girazian, were she gives tips and counsel on how to best preform your child’s program and help resolve problems they are facing in their life.**

Good Morning!

Ready for a good week….Right?!  A few reminders for you:

1) INPUT – This means you are teaching something to your child.  This is ALL you showing/telling your child how to do something. Watch the duration on this one. Make sure to keep it INPUT meaning that you are not asking the child or young adult to do parts of it themselves. 

2) OUTPUT on the other hand is not a collaborative effort unless your program notes otherwise. OUTPUT is your child doing something without prompts. Stop interfering (helping) with output unless your program says that you should. OUTPUT is an opportunity for your child to show what he or she has learned.

3) DURATION is on almost every program activity. If more is better, we have put a plus sign after the minutes. If there isn’t a plus sign, then longer isn’t better so please use a timer.

4) VIDEOS – Your evaluator wants to see videos of program implementation. So please let us see what/how you are doing the activities.  Adjustments may need to be made.  Please keep them short and sweet (30 seconds can give us a good idea of how it is going).  Also remember to let me know when you post them.  I know getting the child to participate while a camera is on them can be difficult.  Try taking videos of your child often so that they can handle it with less stress.

5) FACEBOOK – If you haven’t already done so, please join the family facebook page.  It is for current families only and keeps our “spread out” NACD Family closer together.  Sharing your ideas can be helpful to other parents…..You are great teachers!  Here’s the link if you have lost the information –

Don’t forget to play this week. Don’t forget to laugh, joke and have some fun. Humor is good for you and good for that important son or daughter in your life. Remember that I’m here for you if you need me.


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