NACD Coach Note of the Week (August 3)

***Every week our NACD family gets an email from one of our coaches, Glenda Girazian, to give further instruction, advice, and support to parents who may be struggling in a certain aspect of their child’s development. This is the email of the week.**

“Does it seem like you have a hurricane headed your way? Your hurricane might be a loss of helpers, a child who isn’t sleeping, illness or some other complication. One thing for sure is we are all learning how to live with a lot of unpredictability.”

“Despite all of that, our children need us to carry on and meet their needs. The one thing that we can probably do during these unpredictable times is actually make progress with our children and that is a deeply reassuring thing. I know that some of you are thinking that your life keeps getting too hectic, too stressful to make progress, but that isn’t the case. You can make really great progress if you get quality work done. By quality work I mean that you remain totally focused on your children when you are working with them. Be positive in your interaction with the child and focus on progress. Your child is capable of making amazing gains if you are consistent, positive, and are doing the activities correctly. If you aren’t sure why you are doing something, find out why. If you aren’t sure what progress look like in a particular area, ask us.”

“Remember, the more you know the better you do. We are here to help.”

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