NACD Coach Note for Sept 28, 2020

Good Morning Families,

I hope that you had a relaxing weekend. As we start our week together let’s keep in mind that we need to spend the week doing lots of input that has intensity. All of you are doing a lot of input of information, whether it is inputting how to breathe through your nose or inputting the word “tractor,” you are inputting the information repeatedly. When we talk about intensity, we mean your intensity but we also mean your child’s intensity. 

Part of the issue of your child’s intensity is the developmental appropriateness of what you are doing. If I input graphing inequalities to a child who is just learning how to multiply, no matter how intense I am, the child’s intensity would be terrible because what I’m doing is way out of sync with the necessary foundations to do the problem. I am trying to teach the wrong thing. Whether therapists are bracing a child to walk who has not learned the foundational steps or developed the muscle strength and balance needed to walk, or a virtual teacher is demanding that a child write a paragraph when the child is still thinking in phrases, we are not going to get the attention and intensity needed from the child because we are teaching the wrong thing. 

Your NACD program is not trying to skip vital building blocks in development.  Remember one thing that really adds to a child’s intensity is positive feedback and success. There are so very many pieces to development that it would be easy to miss steps along the way. Your evaluator will do everything he/she can to identify and address every piece. 

May your week and your child’s week be full of the intensity that comes from addressing the right things at the right time and achieving success. We expect success and we’re here to help you achieve it.


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