Week of Nov 30-Dec 4, 2020

Thanksgiving was such an amazing time of year for us all to reflect on our blessings of the year. This year we are especially grateful that all of our students and their families are in good health, happy, and safe. To celebrate the season the students made some fun crafts. Our gratitude turkey is a COHA tradition and is something we look forward to every year. Each day our students write one thing they are grateful for on a feather and then we add it to our turkey (which we still need to name! I thought Grateful Greg was a stellar choice but the students weren’t buying it). Some things our students wrote were:

  • Family and Friends (This was everyone’s first thing and we get why! Our students are so loved and supported. We are grateful for all of those who teach, support, and love them; they are who they are today because of their friends and families!)
  • Tuacahn
  • Disneyland
  • Sports
  • Jesus Christ and His Atonement
  • Their jobs
  • Their bishoprics
  • Food and water
  • The scriptures
  • The Lion King

And so many more! Our students also did a craft where they made a turkey headband that they could wear during Thanksgiving. Each student is so creative and we love seeing all the differences in each of their artwork!

Christmas season is finally here at COHA and we could not be more excited!! The students kicked off the Christmas season by making some fun snowmen (making paper snowmen is the best, and warmest way, to have some winter fun!). Our bulletin board is ready to celebrate the “most wonderful time of the year”.

We also got the opportunity to celebrate our sweet Jessie Girl! Jessie has been coming to COHA for years and has graduated from the NACD program but continues to come to school to learn and help her friends. Some things we love about Jessie are:

  • Jill loves Jessie because she is nice and a really good friend.
  • JJ loves that Jessie has amazing parents.
  • Jennica loves Jessie’s personality! She is outgoing, has a great laugh, loves to have fun, and is always happy. Jennica also loves to make Jessie laugh.
  • Melissa loves Jessie’s smile and Jessie makes her laugh all the time.
  • Courtney loves Jessie because she is an amazing artist, is kind, caring, and considerate to everyone, and is very fashionable.
  • Bobbi R. loves Jessie because she is a hard worker and when she sets her mind on something, she is determined to accomplish it.
  • Stephenee loves Jessie because she is always so happy and loves to come to school. She is helpful, a good artist, and has good style.
  • Bobbie loves Jessie because she is so smart and talented. She is kind to others and tries to serve wherever she is at.

We know that Christ is the reason for the season so our students have been doing the ABC’s of Christ in their opening exercises to learn more about Christ’s birth, life, and attributes. They are also participating in the “Light the World” Christmas challenge done by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. On each day leading up to Christmas, they have some kind of service to do that helps “light the world” and bring about the loving and giving spirit of Christmas. They would like to extend that challenge to all their family and friends this Christmas season.

Another great week in the books, can’t wait to see what fun is around the corner for next week!

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