Week of October 5-9, 2020

Fall is finally here and everyone at COHA is here for it! This week has been one with lots of excitement and celebrating the Halloween season. On Monday, we talked about how it was National Inner Beauty Day. We asked each student what inner beauty they thought they had and what they loved about themselves. We were so touched by the answers we got, such as; kind, very smart, my sense of humor, that I can make other people laugh, that I protect others and keep them safe, etc. Some students didn’t know what to say so all their classmates jumped in with the kindest comments; they are true examples of unconditional love and being true friends! The best answer we got from many of them was they loved how creative they were! Which worked perfectly with…our fun Halloween craft! We cut opening exercises a little shorter for the students to make a pumpkin to decorate our bulletin board in the library for all students, tutors, and visitors to see. Each student’s pumpkin packed so much of their personality; they were all are so creative and fun!

Our students have really dived into reading this year and we have loved hearing what they have had to share about all the new things they are learning. Last week, Brady even decided to make a poster about the book he read on lions. It turned out so great!

Brady’s awesome lion poster! He is so crafty and neat!

Another exciting thing happening at our school this week is for the first time ever, COHA has hired our students to help clean the inside of the building and do the yard work. Brady, Austin, and Chantel all had their job interviews this week. To prepare, their parents and tutors practiced the interview questions, helped them fill out the application, and gather reference letters from people who could attest to them being good and trustworthy candidates for the positions. It was the first job interview that any of them had and we were very impressed with how prepared and professional they were! They have started their jobs this week and it has been so great to see them work hard, learn new skills, and help keep their school a clean and organized place for them and their classmates to learn and grow in!

The students were also very excited to have Special Needs Mutual (a religious church group) start back up again after 5 months of it being cancelled because of COVID! We have loved hearing about what they do and seeing the smiles it brings.

Fall is in the air and we are excited to see what this new season brings! Bring on the Halloween spirit!

Some pictures of the girls getting physical during opening exercises! Sam got here a little early one day so we went out and laid in the grass, soaked up some sun, and talked about life. We are so blessed to have these precious spirits in our lives!

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