First Week of School

September 14th, COHA opened its doors once again after a 5 month summer break. While we are so glad that our students were able to go on some fun adventures with their families this summer and stayed healthy and safe, we are so happy to have their smiling faces back with us!

The beginning of school looked a little different for us this year; no hugs, high fives, fist bumps, etc ): It has made us all a little sad! Instead, we all walk around the school doing the ‘I love you’ hand sign at each other to show our friends we love and are here for them! Another change we have made is that we do our opening exercises outside. Our students have loved being able to stretch, do small workouts, and talk about what is going on in their lives in the fresh air. We have noticed greater focus and attention from them as well; this is huge accomplishment for all our students!!

Before coming back we were anxious to see how our students would react to wearing masks, but on the first day that anxiety disappeared because our students are experts at it!! We are so blessed that they are all so understanding and that they have amazing families and tutors who teach them how to be safe!

These were the highlights of our student’s first week:

  • Macey loves her new tutor, Lauren
  • Jessie loves being back at the school and studying history
  • Chantel loves talking and seeing her friends
  • Jill loves being back at school and doing her math and reading
  • JJ loves doing opening exercises outside (we are so blessed that this sweet girl helps us set up every morning!)
  • Brady loves working hard and getting good grades
  • Sam loves doing his digits (he is almost to a 7!!)
  • Austin loves reading books about history (his favorite book he has read was about Walt Disney)

We know that as time goes on, these times will only get sweeter! Stay tuned for more exciting times at COHA (:

Jessie and Melissa getting ready for a fun, productive day!
JJ and Jill doing their listening program. The listening program was developed in France and has been studied for over 50 years. The students listen to three songs that have different frequencies, volumes, and music. By listening to them just 15 minutes a day, it can help with hearing, speech and language, memory, attention, and more!
Our wonderful students rocking it on their digits! This day everyone got them 100% correct!!
Macey is one smart girl! She got her digit correct!
Jessie is so happy to be back with her volunteer Diane. Diane went on a cruise to Mexico and got Jessie this beautiful shirt. We are so lucky to have such kind and caring tutors!!
We decided to accept Sun Rock Yoga’s “Rock Your Community” challenge of doing acts of service. We took a garbage bag on our daily walk and filled it all the way up!
One of the boys favorite workout exercises is jumping jacks. Good thing we have these guys around to keep us in shape!
Nothing like a good warrior pose stretch to start off your day right!
Brady and Mitzy wrap up another day full of fun and learning. Brady is our Lion King and Avenger loving guy. He always keeps us laughing!
Austin and Bobbi are learning about the Super Bowl. Austin has loved learning about different sports players this summer.

NACD Coach Note Sept. 21, 2020

Good Morning Families,

It’s Monday and you may already feel overwhelmed with your day or your week. Try writing down what you realistically can get done today and put it in 15 minute blocks, not just program but other responsibilities as well. Be sure that you know how long something actually takes when you are doing this because we tend to oftentimes allow too much time to get many things done. If you are not sure how long something takes, time yourself doing it and then next time you will know.If you are struggling to be positive, take an exercise break.
You can do this!

Have a great week and be sure to contact me if you have any questions or need help.

Glenda Girazian

NACD Note of the Week (Sep. 14th 2020)

**Every Monday, we get an email from our NACD Coach, Glenda Girazian, were she gives tips and counsel on how to best preform your child’s program and help resolve problems they are facing in their life.**

Good Morning!

Ready for a good week….Right?!  A few reminders for you:

1) INPUT – This means you are teaching something to your child.  This is ALL you showing/telling your child how to do something. Watch the duration on this one. Make sure to keep it INPUT meaning that you are not asking the child or young adult to do parts of it themselves. 

2) OUTPUT on the other hand is not a collaborative effort unless your program notes otherwise. OUTPUT is your child doing something without prompts. Stop interfering (helping) with output unless your program says that you should. OUTPUT is an opportunity for your child to show what he or she has learned.

3) DURATION is on almost every program activity. If more is better, we have put a plus sign after the minutes. If there isn’t a plus sign, then longer isn’t better so please use a timer.

4) VIDEOS – Your evaluator wants to see videos of program implementation. So please let us see what/how you are doing the activities.  Adjustments may need to be made.  Please keep them short and sweet (30 seconds can give us a good idea of how it is going).  Also remember to let me know when you post them.  I know getting the child to participate while a camera is on them can be difficult.  Try taking videos of your child often so that they can handle it with less stress.

5) FACEBOOK – If you haven’t already done so, please join the family facebook page.  It is for current families only and keeps our “spread out” NACD Family closer together.  Sharing your ideas can be helpful to other parents…..You are great teachers!  Here’s the link if you have lost the information –

Don’t forget to play this week. Don’t forget to laugh, joke and have some fun. Humor is good for you and good for that important son or daughter in your life. Remember that I’m here for you if you need me.


NACD Coach Note of the Week (August 3)

***Every week our NACD family gets an email from one of our coaches, Glenda Girazian, to give further instruction, advice, and support to parents who may be struggling in a certain aspect of their child’s development. This is the email of the week.**

“Does it seem like you have a hurricane headed your way? Your hurricane might be a loss of helpers, a child who isn’t sleeping, illness or some other complication. One thing for sure is we are all learning how to live with a lot of unpredictability.”

“Despite all of that, our children need us to carry on and meet their needs. The one thing that we can probably do during these unpredictable times is actually make progress with our children and that is a deeply reassuring thing. I know that some of you are thinking that your life keeps getting too hectic, too stressful to make progress, but that isn’t the case. You can make really great progress if you get quality work done. By quality work I mean that you remain totally focused on your children when you are working with them. Be positive in your interaction with the child and focus on progress. Your child is capable of making amazing gains if you are consistent, positive, and are doing the activities correctly. If you aren’t sure why you are doing something, find out why. If you aren’t sure what progress look like in a particular area, ask us.”

“Remember, the more you know the better you do. We are here to help.”

School to Resume Sept. 14

With great excitement, we would like to announce that the Children of Hope Academy will be open for the fall semester starting September 14, 2020. NACD evaluations will be held the week before on September 8-10. Every student is evaluated by the National Association for Child Development every 6 months and then given a unique individualized program to help them in becoming proficient in the areas of development in which they struggle. Due to the recent rise in Covid-19 cases and for the protection of our students, evaluations will be done at the COHA facility. Please check your emails for your scheduled time and further instructions.

Our summer school and zoom calls will end August 27th to give time for our yearly deep cleaning and other preparations for the upcoming school year. Parents and students will be required to sign up to help with the cleaning.

To learn more about the National Association for Child Development and their mission, visit

If you have questions about the beginning of school, please contact the school by email ( or call at (435)-272-4575.