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COHA is an non profit organization that provides support to families and people with disabilities to achieve their goals by utilizing individualized NACD programs. Our hope is to serve and support as many families as possible.

What is NACD?

The National Association for Child Development is a non profit organization founded by Robert J. Doman Jr. They have “designed TDI [Targeted Developmental Intervention] programs to address educational and developmental issues and needs through a model that trains parents and caregivers to provide hands-on interventions on a daily basis.” Students and parents meet with their evaluator every 6 months and are given a new set of activities after to work on to help the students progress in their specific areas of need.

To learn more about NACD and their specific programs visit,

How does my child get on NACD?

In order for your child to get on NACD, you must first fill out our their application to be evaluated. The application can be found at the link below. Once you fill out the application, NACD will contact you and set up a time for an interview and evaluation. After the interview/evaluation, you will receive your program and will be ready to meet with the staff at COHA.

How do I get my student registered at COHA?

COHA is a facility for adults (18+) with special needs. After you have been completed all the paperwork and meetings with NACD, we will schedule a time to go over the information in the parent packets, give you a tour of the school, and schedule a room for your student. Once all paperwork and fees have been paid we will be ready to welcome you and your student to our COHA family.

Let Us Know How We Are Doing

We want to make COHA a place of love, hope, and progression for all. Let us know below what you love and/or what we could do better in the future!

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